lunedì 20 giugno 2011

Off for a while

I'll be absent for a while, like just two weeks, I think...
just two words: FINAL EXAMS.   So frightening.
I'm graduating, I'll be done with high school in a few weeks! But first I have to do my last sacrifice: disappear from the whole word and study hard. 'Cos in Italy you don't have a huge party for your graduation, but you have a huge exam instead, which is not just a tradition because you really may fail it and have to repeat your last year of school. HELL NO! I HAVE TO PASS IT.

I'll be missing you all,
wish me luck!

And this is the last photo of me "alive", during my last night out (my b-day, too) before studying.
If I disappear forever, could you use this pic for my "missing" leaflet, pretty please?

                        (dress -worn as a shirt-, skirt and bag from H&M, necklaces: vintage)

7 commenti:

My Eye ha detto...

Dear! I wish you the best luck!
Already looking forward to see you being back and happy!

Ruby Girl ha detto...

great print on that skirt, girlie! <3

Vivian ha detto...

Guarderai indietro a questo momento con un sorriso beffardo in futuro, fidati! XD In bocca al lupo e non ti stressare troppo!

thesselle ha detto...

ragazza, in bocca al lupo - anche se sono certo che non hai bisogno di auguri!

peraltro, bel tatuaggio, non l'avevo mai notato!

Jo ha detto...

Best of luck! <3 I'll be crossing my fingers for you! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

Lost in the Haze

Anonimo ha detto...

meravigliosa la gonna a fiori!
[ti aspetto da me se ti va!]

Sarita ha detto...

i LOVE that photo so much, it's just so beautiful and cool!
the dress is so cute !:)