lunedì 6 giugno 2011

Today's my birthday

Yup! Today's my birthday, I'm 19 now! 
I guess I'll have to change all the info about me where I wrote my age...boooring.
Wow, the last time I wrote about this day on my blog, it was one of my first posts, so TODAY'S MY BLOG'S B-DAY TOO

Anyway...I felt sick all day long of course, I'm not lucky at all, you see. So I'll celebrate my b-day during the weekend.

The best thing about being the birthday-girl but being sick is that, after all the gifts you recive (my parentes gave me a new sewing machine!), you have lots of free time for doing whatever you want, so I ended up finishing my "espardillas shoes project", so here they are (excuse me for the bad quality of the pic, and the white halo you see it's the thing I used to draw on 'em):

2 commenti:

My Eye ha detto...

Hey dear! Happy happy birthday! I wish you the best! And the shoes are great? what did you do to them? the painting?

Hannah ha detto...

happy birthday to you and your blog. hope you have a good day. those shoes are great, I love the nautical theme

Bow Dream Nation xx