lunedì 4 luglio 2011

I'm DIYed and I'm back

 (that's not an artistic photo, it'ts just that my face was a total mess, believe me.)

Ok so I already know that I passed my exam, but now I'm waiting for the results...finger crossed!

The things I know for sure is that I had a lot of free time and lots of parties. Hell yeah, I needed it so much.
But I'm thinking about my future, too, because now that I have finished school I want to find out wich university suits me best... and I dreamed about studying at Polimoda in Florence since I was a child, but that's really expensive. We'll see.

More free time = more DIYs.
So, since I spotted some beautiful feather earrings everywhere but I couldn't really find a pair in store, I made them!
I used some super-fake black feathers (no innocent chickens involved!), a little chain and a empty earring base that you can find in any craft store or similar.

 It's very simple, 'cos I thought it was already something quite big and important itself, so I didn't want to let it become "too much".
Maybe you can see it better down here:

Not inspired yet? Have a look here:
Ok I wasn't inspired by Gwyneth, or Vanessa Hudgens

but by this girl right here, the queen of all the feather earrings, the one that maybe made people talk about them, the beautiful and creative Romi from the Showtime series "The Real L Word":

 (photo credits: Lady Tragik)
One day I'll create an earring even bigger than hers!

Have a nice week!

5 commenti:

My Eye ha detto...

Glad you're back!!
And congratiolations on passing your exams!
Very cool DIY <3

W.L.Yoanna ha detto...

Anche le mie dita sono incrociate per te ^^
Il Polimoda è una validissima scuola e se tu avessi la possibilità di frequentarla faresti un ottima scelta.
Se posso parlare per esperienza è sicuramente meglio di qualsiasi istituto privato.
Se potessi tornare indietro me ne andrei ad Anversa, lì c'è la Royal Academy ed è gratis, nel senso che paghi le tasse universitarie ma la scuola è pubblica! Certo ti dovresti comunque mantenere, però ti assicuro che è la migliore scuola pubblica di moda, ed è seconda solo a quella di Londra.
Quando sono andata a vedere la sfilata di fine anno sono rimasta senza parole!
Bellissimi gli orecchine comunque! Dove hai trovato le piume???

MissMarlboro ha detto...

Sono enormi! :D
Carinissima l'idea comunque, pensavo anch'io di farmi qualcosa del genere ^_^

My Eye ha detto...

Haha it's not scary at all :D go ahead and check out the results in my new post ;)

Carolina Krews ha detto...

nice earrings ;)
thanks for stopping by