sabato 26 marzo 2011

Proudly DIYed.

First of all, I want to thank YOU ALL for your lovely comments and appreciations on my Alexa Chung's studded collar shirt DIY project! Now I feel very proud wearing this shirt.
And, since I'm not skinny as miss Chung and unfortunately I don't have her style, this is how I styled the shirt to make me feel comfortable.

pimkie DIY shirt, H&M black dress -under-, H&m belt and necklace -men's-.

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mercoledì 23 marzo 2011

Jeffrey Campbell - new bag collection

The well-known shoes brand, Jeffrey Campbell, now gives us its bag collection! Have a look.

These are the three pieces of the collection that I prefer, I do like these colors and these shapes, but maybe I expected something more impressive from JC.
You can check all the collection on JC's official blog
I'm super curious to know your opinions!

domenica 20 marzo 2011

I did it!

I tried the D.I.Y of the Alexa Chung's studded collar shirt (I talked about it in my last post)! Here's the result. I'd like to know what you think about it! Please be honest!

(I used an old sleevless denim shirt from Pimkie as a victim for my experiment)

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giovedì 17 marzo 2011

Hair Salon.

(me almost sleeping while I was meant to help Sara creating dreads...) wearing: Zara aviator jacket and black leggings-jeans.
...and an hair-dresser's assistant. (the art gallery's cat)

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domenica 13 marzo 2011

I'm not envious, but....

this shirt, with this amazing studded collar that Alexa Chung is wearing, is really freakin' me out!

I think I'll try a D.I.Y. very soon...  :P

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martedì 8 marzo 2011

When I say fashion, you say obsession.

"Lately, I was seeing lots of peter pan collars everywhere and I was very pleased.
     Soon, I started to go googling them, or doing some similar kind of searches.
        Then, I went to my favourite online stores to go cheking if they were selling them.
           I couldn't resist the will of buying a peter pan collar dress, so I had to face my looow budget.
             Finally I visited New Look's online store and bought me not one, but 2 p.p. collar dresses!"

This is the cronological story of my fashion/obsession degeneration.
And this is the beloved (and super cheap) result!

Peter Pan Top, New Look £6
I was so happy purchasing this pink one, that I even bought a little black smooth belt from H&M, just for it!

Polka Peter Pan Tunic, New Look, £7(it is not exactly the same in the image! slightly different one.)
the last one, isn't really the one in the photo: mine has more rigorous shape, shorter sleeves and the collar is polka dotted in black and white, but it was already sold out so I couldn't find the image anymore :(

Ps: H&M in Italy has some interesting items in store right now, I really recommend you to go check it if you live in Italy! I found an intersting Divided collection inspired by flowers and weird quirkyness, very Rihanna's. // translating:  H&M ora come ora ha delle cose davvero carine in negozio e c'è una collezione nel reparto Divided che è innegabilmente molto "Rihanna": floreale e weirdo. Consiglio di farci un salto!

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