martedì 8 marzo 2011

When I say fashion, you say obsession.

"Lately, I was seeing lots of peter pan collars everywhere and I was very pleased.
     Soon, I started to go googling them, or doing some similar kind of searches.
        Then, I went to my favourite online stores to go cheking if they were selling them.
           I couldn't resist the will of buying a peter pan collar dress, so I had to face my looow budget.
             Finally I visited New Look's online store and bought me not one, but 2 p.p. collar dresses!"

This is the cronological story of my fashion/obsession degeneration.
And this is the beloved (and super cheap) result!

Peter Pan Top, New Look £6
I was so happy purchasing this pink one, that I even bought a little black smooth belt from H&M, just for it!

Polka Peter Pan Tunic, New Look, £7(it is not exactly the same in the image! slightly different one.)
the last one, isn't really the one in the photo: mine has more rigorous shape, shorter sleeves and the collar is polka dotted in black and white, but it was already sold out so I couldn't find the image anymore :(

Ps: H&M in Italy has some interesting items in store right now, I really recommend you to go check it if you live in Italy! I found an intersting Divided collection inspired by flowers and weird quirkyness, very Rihanna's. // translating:  H&M ora come ora ha delle cose davvero carine in negozio e c'è una collezione nel reparto Divided che è innegabilmente molto "Rihanna": floreale e weirdo. Consiglio di farci un salto!

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11 commenti:

blorange dice ha detto...

ooo, lovely pieces! h&m is so great... i reeeally wish i had one close by /:

Jennyboo ha detto...

I LOVE peter pan collars. I have slowly been amassing a collection of peter pan collar dresses for the Spring. Great deal of those two! xoxo

Nicoletta ha detto...

@Jennyboo: LOL I think I might end up doing the same thing :D

thank you so much girls :D

Blackcowboy ha detto...

love the pirate's chain, this one is pretty cool

Anonimo ha detto...

I'm in love with peter pan collars too!
I think they add that much needed bit of flair to any blouse/dress! :)
great post girl!
stop by sometime, xx natalie

Kia ha detto...

I like those collars too. :) and your blog is amazing! keep on rockin'!

Miss Woody ha detto...

lovely post !

Cassidy ha detto...

I love Peter Pan collars! They're so delightfully romantic and dreamy.

MIXED MINDS ha detto...

looove these dresses, i want one too! in 2 weeks I go with school to Italie :p looking forward to it! :) Can you recomend some places? xoxo Aline

Nicoletta ha detto...

mmm well, this is quite complicated!
I'm answering on your blog to be sure you'll read it! :D

Roshi ha detto...

Its so amazing that something so cute like a peter pan collar is EVERYWHERE now. I wonder who started this trend. Either way they are genius more than likely Alexa..she starts everything. LOVEEEE