sabato 26 marzo 2011

Proudly DIYed.

First of all, I want to thank YOU ALL for your lovely comments and appreciations on my Alexa Chung's studded collar shirt DIY project! Now I feel very proud wearing this shirt.
And, since I'm not skinny as miss Chung and unfortunately I don't have her style, this is how I styled the shirt to make me feel comfortable.

pimkie DIY shirt, H&M black dress -under-, H&m belt and necklace -men's-.

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10 commenti:

Violetta E. ha detto...

lovely :)

Haru ha detto...

You DIYed the shirt?? So cool! :D
Thank you for your sweet comment x

Haru x

Lok-Yin Lau ha detto...

It looks so cool! love it (;

Kia ha detto...

love it!!

calla ha detto...

very nice!



Roshi ha detto...

OH!! thats such a great DIY!!! It looks wonderful on you...Really love make me want to make one but I am too lazy :) You look gorgeous. I love the colour of your hair and great hat!!! xx Thanks for the comment Im following you now. I like your blog xx

My Eye ha detto...

Damn girl, you look AWESOME!
Love the dark lipstick so much <3

Cassidy ha detto...

That's so darling! You look fabulous!

Also, I just released the first issue of my magazine! The link is on my blog and I'd love it if you checked it out :)

Tea For Two ha detto...

Looks awesome, and you've reminded me I need to buy studs!

By the way, that necklace is lovely too.

jess@jusquacequemodesensuive ha detto...

great pics ;) i love the collar studs too !!!
great choice :)
i have a blog too if you want see it it's
bisous jess <3