mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

Greg Williams and related inspirations

This first one is the original photoshooting of Greg Williams for Esquire. Model: Daisy Lowe.
Music: "Tiger" by Maximum Balloon.

The second down here is an inspirated and empowered version, with a remix of the song "Woman" by Wolfmother (I love it).

[Surfing the net you will find a lot of other fascinating shooting by G. Williams, envolving beautiful and elegant women.]

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Tea For Two ha detto...

I do always like to see Daisy Lowe doing her thing. She's no stick like a lot of the underwear models out there and I appreciate a bit of a change - it gets so boring looking at the same body with a different head.

Cute that she's reading Gulliver's Travels in one of the final shots, haha! Nice touch.

Following you.