sabato 12 febbraio 2011

Total randomness

Maybe you won't give a ssshhh about it, but I want to share some random pictures from my Tumblr
( I Keep Searching
with you guys, hope you'll enjoy!

"how to..."

"cutest ever"

The Gossip

Le Corps Mince De Françoise

Kaja (I'm not a body)

 And last but not least...Tumblr girl's! LOL this is so true.

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7 commenti:

Blackswan ha detto...

haha loving the "tumblr girl's" mash-up - sooo true!! we do have a sucker for crystals and doctor martens!

thank you for stopping by and your comment! a new follower :)

x Your Only Blackswan

Flashes of Style ha detto...

Oh! I love the twiggy photos. So classic.

xx Bonnie

My Eye ha detto...

YOu habe tumblr? Have to check it out! :)
And yesss I do love tegan and sara. Last summer I went to see them in Amsterdam. My fav. song is "It was Midnight" and yours?

Fabiénne ha detto...

love the blog! and the post!!


Lisa ha detto...

I love the Twiggy how-to! There's so much great stuff on Tumblr!

soph (owl vs. dove) ha detto...

those ducks are cuuuuuute. the tumblr girl thing is pretty spot on too, haha.

Roshi ha detto...

So much respect for your love of Le Corps Mince De Françoise they are SOOOO amzing!!!! love love love x