domenica 20 febbraio 2011

H&M Fashion Against AIDS 2011

"Stay safe, stay negative"      "Safe ride only!"    "Brain first, body second"     "We care"   

These are some of the mottos that H&M is carring ahead in this new Fashion Against AIDS campaign.
The collection will be avaible in selected stores from 28th of April in HM’s Divided department with 25% of sales donated to youth HIV/AIDS projects around the world.

As you can see, the collection is quite linear and simple, it wants to keep you focus on the message and it comes in some interesting shapes (for exemple, the "tank top", I absolutely have to get it!) and materials (as the lovely "tote", in plastic, that is very similar to the Jil Sander's one, must be mine,too).

Here you can peek the collection! Be careful: prices are in US dollars!
(source: Nitrolicious)

And these are the amazing Jil Sander's plastic totes, a real MUST HAVE for this incoming Spring/Summer season. You can buy a real one for 90$, or a H&M's one for 9.90$. I think I'll go for the H&M one, LOL.
(not just because it's cheaper, but also because it is for a good reason.)

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6 commenti:

Winnie ha detto...

Love the leather vest. Love Jil Sander but it's nice to find cheaper alternatives!

Fabiénne ha detto...

hi thanks for the comment!!
love the post

Sabrina O. ha detto...

Gorgeous! I really adore those mint green items!

p.s.: Last chance to enter my giveaway!

Veronica ha detto...

I really love this collection!
follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!Thank you so much!

A La Mode ha detto...

So in love with the colour palette!

blorange dice ha detto...

ohh, those remind me of baggus! which i love... i have several colors haha