giovedì 27 gennaio 2011

Pre-spring blogger's trend: "ombré" hair.

"Ombré hair" is an hair treatment that gives you brighter and lighter shades of your hair color in the lower part of your hair. 

It's like when you do some "meches" or "streaks" to your hair and then they grow fast before you can go back to your hairdresser (and that's ugly), but believe me it is really not a bad effect, it is amazing instead, 'cos it gives a sort of new light and shine to every hairstyle that is not totally straight (be careful, very straight hairs are not fair with this style!).

I think that the first person I remember when I think of "ombré hair" is our beloved Alexa Chung.
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But how could we forget to mention the person who probably started this trend (or at least pushed it at its more extreme level), Lady Gaga?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicAnd then in Topshop's 2011 S/S lookbook we clearly saw how ombré hair can be combined to dyed hair and the result is very strong and odd, but amazing. (If my hair were longer I definately would have tried this green version!)

And so many lovely bloggers talked about this so far:  

LLY MLRS was one of the firsts to announce it last April, Hivennn is thinking about it, while Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman has decided to "go ombré hair" (and she is also talking about another blogger who has done it!) and Lula from Lulapalooza has already done an amazing work doing her ombré hair by herself! 

Don't you feel inspired? 
I regreat not having long hair so much right now!

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Lula ha detto...

Wow thanks so much girl! That's SO thoughtful of you. Can't believe I'm next to LLYMLRS!
Following ya !
And by the way, you can pull the look off even if you don't have long hair!


Jazzy E (hivennn) ha detto...

Thank you for including me lovely! xx

connie ha detto...

Im going to try this out in summer, my hair will be blonder then, i'm thinking light pink at the bottom but i'm not sure! I nominated you for a versatile blogger award! Come to to pick it up! x

Annebeth ha detto...

haha thanks for mentioning me! I'm so glad I went ahead, even though I have super straight hair :D

elle ha detto...

i've just found your blog and i love it - definitely a new follower! i especially love this post because i'm considering the ombre too!

♥ elle

elle & the fashion folk

My Eye ha detto...

I love your little articles :)
This ombre hair trend is really cool! I'm so curious how annebeth will look like with it! I would do it myself If my hair was not red ^^ 'cause red and green ends would look like Gaga or Halloween or somethin' :P Have a nice week dear!

W.L.Yoanna ha detto...

Bellissimi! Credo farò una cosa simile,devo decidere se puntare su colori naturali o su qualcosa di più forte però!

Michele ha detto...

I loooove these pictures, especially the last one. I really want to do ombre hair!