lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

Do you want me to believe that these are gorgeous?

 Prada Spring/Summer 2011 collection: SHOES.

I really don't want to look like the "alternative and polemic" one, but please, am I so wrong saying that those shoes are not beautiful as they want us to think?
Let's be honest, would you buy or crave and desire them, if they were not Prada's? I don't think so.

Recently haute couture is following a strange policy: first part is to shock people, let they talk about the collection, then create a must that everyone would desire so that the maison can re-valuate itself.
And us, all the bloggers, from the littlest bloggers like I proudly am, to the biggest blogger stars, are part of this process.

Stop this! I love haute couture because it is not just about starting trends that the world will follow, but also because, in my opinion, it is made to create dreams, to charm people, to let designers express their feelings, 'cos they're artist, do not forget it. Where is this all gone? Bring it back to me, please...

Let's start saying that the collection itself is not bad at all!
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these are the kitch-est pairs:                                       
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and this pair is the "most famous":
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What's your opinion, guys?

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5 commenti:

Iris Tinunin ha detto...

le prime tre.. mmm.. FORSE si possono salvare. le ultime fanno TROPPO frankenstein! inguardabili!!! Stylosophique

Nicoletta ha detto...

concordo assolutamente!

Dani ha detto...

orribili xD

My Eye ha detto...

HAHAHAHHA :D the last ones are the 'best'!!! :D I love your post dear! You're SO right!

Flashes of Style ha detto...

I LOVE the platforms! I really am a sucker for the, ;)