giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

New Year's Eve fashionable appetizers!

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Fashionable Star Appetizers!
They're tasty, nice to see and easy to cook!

what you need:
  • chicken wurstels
  • soft cheese, a not-too-savory one (or it will be too salty)
  • sandwich bread

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Cut the bread with a star cutter (the one you use for cutting biscuits! And you can do it also with differents cutters, different shapes!).
Prepare the cream whipping wurstels and cheese in a mixer, then put a small part of it between two stars (quite poetic, isn't it? LOL).
Finally put a olive on it with a stick and add some cream into the olive too, if you have time, but it really doesn't matter -trust me.

Good luck tryin',
Have a wonderful New Year!
(and don't miss the next post about bags and clutches!)


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~Rauschgiftengel~ ha detto...

Thank you for your nice comment <3 The appetizers are really cool!