sabato 1 gennaio 2011

Bags and clutches: what, when and why?

Lately, fashion seems to have given a re-birth to those kinds of bags that we always had, but worn just in special occasion (clutches) and we all love it.

But a lot of people ask: how can I decide when to wear a bag, or a clutch, or a box bag, or a satchel?

First of all, with a little help from, let's see what we're talking about:

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So now let's talk about when and why!

  • satchel: right now is the perfect casual and cool bag, the one you use to give a personal touch to an everyday outfit, for example a simple jeans+tee+lace-up shoes outfit, because of its shape, originally coming from a bag that was employed by office worker, or teachers.
  • box bag: is perfect for outfits that are elegant but special, for example some vintage dresses or some balloon skirts, because those bags are kinda vintage and special themselves, so they have to be added to an outfit that can keep their meanings on.
  • clutches: similar to box bag for the way you can use them and for their dimensions, but they are more versatile and, actually, can be stiled with a casual-smart outfit, but you have to be very careful: you can do this if you're wearing some elegant details in it, for example a blazer on a legging, with heels (Kate Lanphear style!). Perfect for an evening party, with a cocktail dress.
  • tote bag: is the empowered, re-visited version of a shopping bag, for each hour of the day. It comes in a milion of prints, patterns and shapes. It's very useful and practical. It's the easier to combine. It really goes perfectly with everything, from a tee to a dress. You can't go wrong with that!

So... what's your favourite kind of bag?

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6 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

i love this bags^^

Kb ha detto...

I am definitely a tote bag fan, I need space for all my junk! For evening I live mini satchel type bags to dress down an outfit.

Cassandre ha detto...

love the bags

ediot ha detto...

i need big bags. i have never used a clutch.. and i don't see me wearing one right now either.. because im so easily distracted and would probably loose my bag all the time.. a handle is essential, so i say a satchel or a tote.

hope you're off to a great start of 2011
happy new year

blorange dice ha detto...

haha i love that you outlined these. as much as i would love to choose a smaller bag, i am a fan of the totes... just because they're so functional! i need lots of room. and clutches are sooo impractical, unless i'm going to be somewhere for super short and do absolutely no dancing

burcu d. ha detto...

I LOVE the red satchel bag...just PERFECT!

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