giovedì 15 settembre 2011

Moving to Florence

I think I won't be able to blog for a while, again. :(
Well, at least my luggage is cute.

I've been so busy lately, really TOO busy:
-studying to pass my marketing exams to be able to join the Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence
-taking that holy exam
-celebrating the fact that I successfully passed it (I was the only one, between the 25guys that took the exams with me that morning, that achieved such a high score that immediately passed, hell yeah!)

And then...moving to Florence.
The flat is a mess, it is all covered in dust, but me and my roommates will break our backs and do our best to make it liveable.
Not to mention that I'm super sad of having to leave...even if I'm just 2hours far from home, by train.

My life's gonna change and I might not be ready. world, here I come! This is gonna be hard, though.

Uhm...let's celebrate again, first! (I'm sorry, I took those photos with my webcam)

(nude blazer and white Gaga shirt from H&M, heels from OVSindustry, silver nails stickers from Essence)

4 commenti:

thesselle ha detto...


ragazza hai delle unghie paura j'adore
Firenze la vedo benissimo su di te (o viceversa non saprei come si può dire)
e btw sei troppo la nostra follower preferita <3

Mani ha detto...

Loooooove your nails! So fabulous!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Vivian ha detto...

Hoooo sono contentissima per te!!! Non essere dispiaciuta, vedrai che ti divertirai e che passerai degli anni bellissimi al Polimoda! (Quanti ne devi fare? Che corso hai scelto?) E speriamo che avrai subito una connessione internet haha così potrai bloggare tutti gli aggiornamenti sulla nuova scuola! :D

Vivian ha detto...

Heyyy darling! Che fine hai fatto?? Come va la tua nuova vita a Firenze? Raccontaci qualcosa!!!