venerdì 29 luglio 2011

Styling a Miss.

Last week my friend Giulia decided to participate in a beauty contest, so I helped her with mak-up, hair and clothes: I was her stylist!

Girls from all over Italy participated and Giulia passed the first selection, but then she didn't win the crown. Anyway she was the one with the best and bigger fans club!

<-- her "elegant" oufit.
Dress from her wardrobe, my rose bracelet and key necklace, from New Look.

And here's Giulia with number10 (the second on the left) during the "casual outfit" part of the contest, with other gils that were participating:
wearing ankle boots, basic white t-shirt and vintage jeans jacket from her wardrobe, my golden chains from H&M and vintage brown bandana.
I also managed to look after every detail, so I did her a nail-art too, using H&M cracked nailpolish and a simple gray one from Essence:

Too bad that she din't win, but it was a very funny and crazy night so we enjoyed it anyway!

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