domenica 15 maggio 2011

How to: DIY a "summer slutty top"!

Hey guys, I'm so glad I spotted this tutorial, even if I already created my top, because this is THE CUTEST TUTORIAL EVER!
It's not just simple and funny, it also easily explains you how to realise an amazing SUMMER SLUTTY TOP WITH A DEEP V-NECK SCOOP. I love it, really.
All credits by clicking on the video.


Get slutty on the beach, grrrls.
I will.

5 commenti:

thesselle ha detto...

I've been doing this with every single one of my t-shirts last summer. And the dude is, like, HOT.

Anonimo ha detto...

come stai??
scusa l'assenza ma la pigrizia incombe ahah

Lollo B. ha detto...

Sei giovane e carismatica.
Mi piace il tuo blog così alternativo.


Elena ha detto...

Lovely blog! I follow you!

Syrious ha detto...

ma che bel blog! e la maglietta
è riuscita decisamente!!! *_*
brava!! *_*

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