venerdì 22 aprile 2011

...but I'm still in love with Judas, baby. ♫

Finally, tonight, my favourite location for having a blast in the weekend opens.
It's called "Mamamia" and it just 30minutes far from me, by car. This isn't just a club, it's also a family, or a place to be whenever you feel bored, it's SUMMER. Tonight, indeed, it's officialy the first summer night for me.

Can you tell that I'm happy?
I can really smell summer from down here.

And just to prove you my insanity, here's some photos of the outfit I'm going to wear tonight, that I tried on last night to be perfectly prepared.
I thought about it a week ago and yesterday I tried on some make-up too...yes, I'm THAT kind of girl that freaks out if she doesn't have everything's ready at least the night before the event.

(H&M oversized shirt, H&M "purse" bag, black hat with a lace insert that I added DIY)

And I expect a lot of Gaga tonight, I mean, at least "Born this way" if it's not "Judas". Can't wait. Have a great weekend, guys! Love to ya all.

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My Eye ha detto...

You look so happy dear! :) very pretty and have a loooooot of fun tonight!

Violetta E. ha detto...

so cool :)

Annebeth ha detto...

I'm totally into Judas toooooooo I keep singing it! you look lovely, I adore your hair! very effortless :)

Mary Lee ha detto...

lovely outfit! judas is such a catchy song haha

hope you'll visit back

Jazzy E (hivenn) ha detto...

LOVE your hair! x hivenn

Julie Khuu ha detto...

Great casually chic look hun! Looks like you're gonna have a blast whatever you do, wherever you go :D Happy Tuesday!


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Kristyn ha detto...

Jam out to Judas and you'll look great doing it. I love your hat, I think it really pulls your whole look together, which looks just great. I also looked at your Tumbler, which i'm still trying to understand that website in general, and yours is very cool! Glad I took a look. If you like, have a look at my blog