sabato 22 gennaio 2011

12(+1) photos: a Year of Memories.

I dediced to start a project: a polaroid photo each month, just to remember what I did, what people around me did and how life was going on. But I want to start since last december included. Inspired? You can also do a "365days", or whatever you want!

This is the shot that resume the last  

How is it like to be alone?
I felt alone even when I was sitting next to the person I loved.
It doesn't really make a huge different now that she's not here for me anymore.
I guess that sometimes love is not enough. That's how things should go.
I'm ok, now.

(ps: those are not a pair of shoes, anyway.)

2 commenti:

Vivian ha detto...

Spero vivamente che siano pantofolone quelle che hai ai piedi! XD
Comunque ho fatto danno eh? Poladroid ringrazia commosso! Aahha! <3

Nicoletta ha detto...

ahahahaha sì sono pantofole spettacolari che mi ha imprestato una mia amica per dormire davanti al suo camino XD
comunque si poladroid mi ha rovinata ahah ho tentato di starci lontana, ma non c'è verso .__.!