martedì 14 dicembre 2010

You can smell Holidays.

I'm really tired.
I just need some time to spend with my love, my friends, my family (in a relaxed mood, possibly) and my-damn-self.
And my grandma's b-day, on the 8th of December, gives me even more will of Holidays.
Every year, I start smelling holidays from that day.
Also 'cos we always celebrate it in the house on the mountain.

"Do you really need to carry that smelly dog with you like...always?" I'm sorry kitty, I do. You will need to wait outside today.

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My dear Grandma, Ena, in a lovely cardigan that she made herself.

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Me and my dog, the most innocent and lovely creature in the world.
I swear I'm not squeezing him, but he doesn't like to be hugged anyway.

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