mercoledì 1 dicembre 2010

This is the sound of Ebony Bones.

I went with some friends of mine to a disco not so far from home, called Seven Apples, wich is not really my favourite kind of discos (considering that generally I do not love discos, I prefer livehouse, pubs, or places where you can listen to some good live dj sessions) just to see Miss Bones from Ebony Bones performing as a dj, from Ministry of Sound, LDN.

Some might know her because she played for Jean Charles De Castelbajac in one of his most famous show, others, well, just might know her sound!

Anyway, I had an amazing night and considering that we were the only ones standing there just to see her, she was in close contact with us! I really loved that night.

(Ebony Bones is wearing a blazer by Jean Charles De Castelbajac JC/DC.
I'm wearing a dress by H&M and tights from We Love Colors - won in a giveaway


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love these pics thanks for sharing xxxx