domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Decadent Christmas.

Decadent Christmas

Decadent Christmas di Kikki_RiotDyke contenente studded jewelry

Is your Christmas going to be decadent?
According to Topshop (" Dress up and get Decadent this Christmas "), this year's trend will be "a touch of decadentism" , that means that you girls (and me too) can adorne yourselves with lace, faux leather and pearls!
Add some metal details, such as some studded jewelry, that make a lovely contrast with the elegance of the lace and gives you a more modern look.

And I think that there can't be a decadent outfit without some "femme fatale" touch, so get the darkest red lipstick you could ever imagine and some lace lingerie in a nude tone, then you will be totally perfect for that special day.

Happy Holidays!

And if you need some insipiration:
"Violet" - Hole.

4 commenti:

Flashes of Style ha detto...

Oh all of the pieces are just perfect <33

Vivian ha detto...

Ciao Nicoletta! Mi fa molto piacere grazie :D Io ti ho aggiunta anche su Tumblr appena adesso, sono vendettasyndrome! Mi piace il tuo (vostro?) stile! :D

LoliTa ha detto...

great picks! merry xmas!

Eden ha detto...

the dress is lovely:))