giovedì 8 luglio 2010

Cocktail party!

"Apericena" in Italy it's when you meet friends in a bar, in a pub or in some kind of restaurant to drink something, but then you eat as much as you can! It's similar to a spanish "tapas". And we often have dinners like those ones, 'cos they're amazing occasion to meet new people or just have a chat with your girls!
Here I am, outside a well-know restaurant-bar in my town, waiting for my friends.

Bag: H&M
Dress bought in Camden Town, London. DIY

5 commenti:

Carlotta ha detto...

molto carino il tuo blog!!
se ti va passa da me eseguimi su bloglovin..

. ha detto...

beautiful blog, beautiful photos I loved your hair

CC ha detto...

Yay for Camden! Fab dress. :)

Christine ha detto...

oh, i love the bag :D

Nicoletta ha detto...

thanks to you all :D

grazie a tutte!